"History is continuity. But it is also and above all impatient. It looks ahead just as it looks back … tradition is progress that has been successful.
The major role tradition plays is showing progress due courtesy – allowing progress to become part of tradition, just as tradition became part of progress."
Miguel Veiga, in Marcas do Tempo. 2004

The philosophy behind ACB Arquitectura Paisagista is based on the almost poetic principle that tradition is progress that has been successful. The study of ancient solutions, polished by centuries of use, leads to modern solutions steeped in the irrespective ecosystem and which are therefore able to survive and meet high standards of aesthetics and durability.

ACB’s approach to design is based on the training, university teaching and design experience of its founder Professor and Landscape Architect Cristina Castel-Branco. She set up the ACB Arquitectura Paisagista practice in March 1991 with Professor and Landscape Architect Teresa Andresen, and they employed a number of landscape architects.

Cristina Castel-Branco currently runs the practice which employs five colleagues, including non-resident partner Victor Walker (WKDG). The other staffs, Landscape Architecture graduates from Lisbon’s Higher Institute of Agronomy, specialize in different fields - botany, design, garden art history, GIS’s, and urban planning.