Quinta das Machadas


The restoration project in Quinta das Machadas, 5.3ha property owned by the O'Neill family since the eighteenth century, in Setubal, focuses on the recovery of the original and existing hydraulic structures wells, water-wheels, tanks, irrigation cannals and aqueduct.
Furthermore, it accompanies the restoration of walls and floors as well as the pedestrian environment visual currently disqualified by the mass of urban construction visible from the periphery of the property.
The farm still preserves its original layout, an orthogonal grid of paths and ancient stands of orange production defined by a network of gutters serving irrigation. The Preliminary Study was submitted to the client, Mr. Hugh O'Neill and from an exchange of views and prioritization were removed some of the interventions proposed for restoration and further increased in order to ensure restoration of a representative area of the production function that once took the Fifth. He chose to be a priority area of access for your interest in the history of the farm and the paths that lead from inputs by then took a position of priority in the restoration. It was considered as a priority action in the following elements:
a) Restoration of all hydraulic Neptune (Pit / Nora / “embrechado” Fountain / Neptune Tank)
b) The restoration of all hydraulic Aqueduct (Pit / Nora / aqueduct)
c) Restore the gutter in the way of orange (central path between plots of orange)
d) Repaving of footpaths selected as seen pedestrian paths and areas of residence.
e) Restoration of benches along the paths of access
g) parking area for visitors to the area of pine trees (300 m2) - Access by road axes in the south entrance of the house.
h) Identification of areas for vegetable production and suggested planting plan: 4 plots of citrus trees and curtains grove of linden trees in the area of the Well of Neptune.
i) The traditional watering orange trees by flooding of the boilers will be replaced by irrigation drop by drop. Simultaneously seeks to recover the systems of wells and tanks daughters to supply water of irrigation because water availability is maintained and the water table remains close.
j) Project for the automatic irrigation plots orangery
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel-Branco

Project Assistance:
Raquel Carvalho | Maria Matos Silva

Area: 5.3 ha

Status: Built

Hugo O'Neill

Date: 2010