Fronteira Palace - Venus Garden


The restoration project followed on from the rebuilding of the Venus Terrace supporting wall. It provided for minimal work so as to reduce the negative impact caused by the lowering of the wall which led to the erosion of all upstream paved surfaces. It restoration work set out to be true to the features that existed in the garden in the 19th century as shown in photographs: an iron bower and four fine examples of Magnolia grandiflora. To top off the lowered wall, the design proposed, instead of a balustrade, railing or other manufactured element, a thick hedge of trimmed myrtle.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel-Branco

Project Assistance:
Raquel Carvalho

Area: 350 m2

Status: Built

Fundação das Casas de Fronteira e Alorna

Date: 2005