Herdade da Comporta – Ecotourism potential

Alcácer do Sal

Herdade da Comporta is drawing up a Tourist Development Project which aims to stand out, nationally and internationally, because of the top quality tourist experience it offers that includes 10km of untouched beaches and dunes, plus the 3 golf courses currently being designed.
The design recognises the estate’s natural and cultural potential and the possibility of pursuing tourist activities that are new to Portugal – ecotourism.
In this context, the estate’s various landscapes were assessed as regards their suitability for leisure pursuits. The themes, areas and points of interest to be found in ecotourism in a number of EU countries were identified.
Potential activity centres associated with the estate’s natural and cultural elements were defined (horse riding, cycling, hiking, rowing, sailing). These are linked by a network of footpaths. Using a Geographical Information System, the activity centres and footpaths were linked to the estate’s themes, areas and points of interest, thus providing in a digital format a first assessment of the ecotourism potential of Herdade da Comporta.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel-Branco | Miguel Coelho de Sousa

Area: 12.500 ha

Status: Project

Herdade da Comporta

Date: 2004