Herdade da Comporta – Tree planting plan for the roads

Alcácer do Sal

The tourist development known as Herdade da Comporta is crossed by major and minor roads running through flat agricultural and forestry land, which provide large views as far as the pine woods, the tilled plains, the estuary, the villages and the line of dunes as one nears the beaches. The trees to be planted suit the soil and weather conditions found at Herdade da Comporta and will bring a qualitative improvement to the landscape and enhance the access roads. In total the roads cover some 28km. A total of seventeen 100-metre planting modules were designed, adapted to the particular site (riverbanks, arid pine woods and areas close to villages with the possibility of initial watering). The various aims of this important addition to the roads were defined such as: marking out the estate’s boundaries, identifying crossroads, announcing the approaches to villages and inserting the Tourist Development Areas in the surrounding pine woods in a way that provides protection against fires. The design takes into account the views to be had from each side of the road and is in harmony with the existing vegetation, mainly large stone pines.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel - Branco

Project Assistance:
João Jorge | Miguel Coelho de Sousa | Raquel Carvalho

Status: Project

Herdade da Comporta

Date: 2005