Tree planting plan in EXPO'98


ACB Lda. was invited to act as landscape consultant to Expo '98 in 1993 and was charged with drawing up the Tree Planting Plan that would ensure sufficient plants were available for the green areas of the EXPO'98 site.

The strategy proposed was critical to the way the Site was organised. It was an area where trees were non-existent and the soil was severely contaminated.

The Plan called for the planting of 40,000 trees up to 1998 under a program-contract system that involved selected nurseries.

Planting modules were developed that allowed estimates to be made and new methods for transporting large trees, ditch watering and drainage were tested.

It was ACB that proposed the channel down the main thoroughfare (1994 tree planting plan), that was later modelled by the architectural team led by Manuel Salgado.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Victor Walker | Cristina Castel-Branco

Status: around 40. 000 trees planted


Date: 1993/1996