ACB office


Water is a precious asset to the gardens of Southern Europe reservoir were part of the garden constructions. The ACB studio was designed 60m2 to be viewed from the side and from up. Water was essential to maintain it green. Before we begin a tank buried underground and with a 17m3 was built. Runs on the tank floor with a large irregular plates of slate and shingle it increases the width - necessary for the tank. The proof tank was built on part of the tank. Is 40 cm tall and he goes on slate boards, en route to the boardroom. Just that little bit of water and now you can reflect the sky. In the drawing I did feel that the surface of water needed to remain upright. I thought of a huge stone slate and began to draw it. It left my signature: a rectangle of pure gold and its sub divisions. At night the water is even more beautiful than the day then needed to reflect the light. Drew ten cubes voids in thick stone slate for you to place candles at night and see them reflected in dark water. A jet of water keeps the movement all day and a cool little noise and reduced enters the room to work. In the south wall were planted cypress trees to turn into a green wall-smelling wood. Instead of grass Dichondra fills the entire Earth surface. Two and a cherry hedge scallions snakes to be pruned like sculpture in the round and not as green hedge. Having a studio makers gardens with a garden inside is a fun, a showcase for customers, but most of all a place of inspiration with colour and growth that follow your idle time.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel-Branco

Project Assistance:
Miguel C. Sousa | Raquel Carvalho

Area: 60 m2

Status: Built

ACB, Lda

Date: 2007