Estoril Private Garden


In a private garden the clients dreams become a main goal and in these case they had a strong and clear idea: they wanted a low maintenance, garden with a cosy “open air room” for the meals and a social swimming pool space, as well as a welcoming entrance.

To this program we added some artistic touch. A special feature in their garden was a centenary umbrella pine seen behind the wall but belonging to the neighbour property. It became the anchor point of the design; stripes of white stone on the floor become vertical on the wall and point to the evergreen canopy of the old pine tree. A deck surrounds the swimming pool and spreads from one side to the other of the garden. A pergola shades a restroom house imbedded. The idea to repeat the lines of white stone on the west part of the lawn opened the way to design it with the Sun light. Since the property is surrounded by high walls, we proposed to open slots in the wall and let falling Sun rays of the summer afternoon spread on the lawn. Turned west, also purposely catching the golden afternoon sun is the fountain in dark stone designed under the influence of Inca stone buildings. A line of benches follows this inspiration and adds movement and shade to the eastern wall. Vegetation is dense in the entrance courtyard and less in the swimming pool area to allow for the sun to enter the space. Clients were quite satisfied to see their dream come true.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel-Branco

Project Assistance:
Raquel Carvalho

Area: 506 m2

Status: Built

Date: 2008