Quinta da Charneca


Quinta da Charneca is a private residence on a hillside above a watercourse that will form a reservoir.

This improvement in the landscape quality included work on the house, garden and orchards;

Integrating the pool and the surrounding area on the slope, thus building a natural amphitheatre with a view of the water;

Upgrading the access route to the house and the entrance forecourt;

Optimising parking under the pergola;

Replacing gradually the curtains of plants along the walls with various deciduous and evergreen tree and shrub species;

Creating terraces by building supporting walls that allow for the expanding and levelling of the meadows and lawns, thereby apparently increasing the size of the property and the land use options;

Planning the footpath and road network that will allow for future tourist activities around the water and pool, as well as agricultural maintenance.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel-Branco

Project Assistance:
Miguel C. Sousa

Area: 1.3 ha

Status: Built

Eng. Luís Valério

Date: 2005