Garcia de Orta Gardens

Parque das Nações, Lisboa

The Garcia de Orta project began as an idea ACB presented to the EXPO'98 board and which was approved in 1993. It stemmed from a study of the plants in Renaissance gardens that were built here by the viceroys, enchanted by the East. The idea was to exhibit the plants that the Portuguese used to enrich the European flora.

The Gardens cover a 400m strip along the Tagus River and act as a 25m extension to the riverside walk. The site, also chosen by ACB Lda., offers a microclimate that favours subtropical plants and a remarkable visual link to the river.

ACB proposed the creating of six strips of land to receive the various plants (Timor, Coloane, Goa, S. Tomé and Princípe and Brazil, Macronesia and Cape Verde, and Africa). The species were carefully selected by specialists in exotic flora to ensure they were suited to the Lisbon climate.

Most of the plants were donated by the Portuguese-speaking nations of America, Africa and Asia. ACB drew up the planting plans. The structural elements (walls, paving, water features and furniture and shade provision) were designed by Manuel Salgado’s architectural team. The project included windbreaks and structures to provide the shade tropical plants require.
Technical Sheet- Landscape Architects

Project Coordination:
Cristina Castel-Branco (plano de plantação)

Project Assistance:
J. Cabral | Francisca P. Costa | Sandra Mesquita

Area: 10.000m2

Status: Built


Date: 1996

Observations: Coordination with Eng.º Francisco Rego