The ACB team draws on its academic training which it combines with its knowledge of natural processes that occur in gardens and outdoor areas – in the soil, in the water, as a reaction to light, within plants – as well as its experience with building materials, functionality and use, to design comfortable, safe locations.

Each project is seen as a work of art, born of artistic sensitivity and creative skill that listens and incorporates the Client’s wishes.

Current Team -

Cristina Castel-Branco
Victor Walker
António Sacchetti
Margarida Paes
Isabel Andrade
Raquel Carvalho
Raquel Santiago
Filipe Amaral

Collaborating with ACB since 1987 -

Teresa Andresen
Paulo Martins Barata
Paulo Flores
Isabel Vaz Pinto
Ana Luísa Soares
Francisco Castro Rego
Maria João Cabral
João Jorge
Miguel Coelho de Sousa
Maria Matos Silva
Vera Ramos
Sandra Mesquita
Francisca Pinto da Costa
Sónia Azambuja
João Albuquerque Carreiras
Inês Pimenta de Castro
Teresa Chambel